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Collaborating with local businesses across the North Coast of Northern Ireland, Causeway Yoga creates unique experiences to connect with yourself through the practice of yoga. Offering a warm, friendly and supportive environment to enable you to explore your own self-transformation through yoga.

Alison is a compassionate teacher, striving to make yoga accessible to everyone with a desire to support people to experience the benefits of yoga for themselves both on and off the mat. Alison teaches Hatha style yoga with a strong interest in the practice of yoga for mental health and wellbeing. Classes have a strong focus on anxiety and stress relief and will help you find a calmer way of being, reducing stress by quieting the body and the mind at the same time.

“Yoga is the stilling of the changing states of mind.”

Edwin F. Bryant

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From a Causeway Yoga class you can expect mindful movement, relaxation and breathing practices that will support you to move and be present in your body, deepening the connection you have with yourself and with others.

You can expect a welcoming environment that is safe and supportive.

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