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About Alison

About Alison

We all have different reasons for starting to practice yoga. For Alison she was looking for something to help her to manage stress. This was the start of Alison’s yoga journey. Very quickly yoga became an important part of Alison’s life.

Alison is a Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist (CBT) with over 10 years experience working with people to overcome mental health difficulties. Alison has worked for a number of prominent UK charities and more recently as a CBT therapist in a corporate environment. Alison quit her job in 2022 to embark on her dream of becoming self-employed . Enabling her to focus her time and energy on running her private practice as a CBT Psychotherapist and to develop herself as a yoga teacher.

Alison started “Causeway Yoga” after moving with her husband from Belfast to Portstewart and has been teaching yoga since 2022.

In her free time you will find Alison taking walks on the beach with her dog, in a local coffee shop with her husband and simply enjoying life on the North Coast, NI.

“I said to my body. softly. ‘I want to be your friend.’ It took a long breath and replied, ``I have been waiting my whole life for this.”

Nayyirah Waheed

Alison holds the following qualifications:

Mental Health Aware Yoga Teacher in Training: Alison is currently studying to become a qualified Mental Health Aware Yoga Teacher under the teaching of Australian based Clinical Psychologist and Senior Yoga Teacher Dr Lauren Tober. In Mental Health Aware Yoga, āsana is taught, not just as a way to strengthen the body, but as a vehicle to explore the themes of presence, mindfulness, self compassion, interoception, embodiment, self-regulation and self-knowledge.
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“Yoga is the stilling of the changing states of mind.”

Edwin F. Bryant